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PATRICIA “TRICIA” REED Tricia Reed, VP Business Development, serves as a consultant for our Relocation Department. Tricia’s experience includes over 12 years experience as Manager of Corporate Services for one of the largest real estate companies in Connecticut with 22 offices plus she had been VP Business Development and Relocation Director for another real estate firm in Connecticut. Tricia worked with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Network and the Employees Relocation Council.

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Annette Roll, Annette Roll, Relocation Director, has over 25 years of marketing and administrative experience in the real estate industry. She is responsible for managing the hundreds of referrals we receive each year from over 40 relocation companies and from local and national corporations transferring employees. Annette also trains and certifies our Relocation Specialists, responsible for Corporate Business Development, and manages our Corporate Inventory Properties.

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TINA EHRIG, Tina Ehrig, Relocation Coordinator, has worked in the real estate industry for 16 years. Her responsibilities include sending out Broker to Broker referrals throughout the country, assigning USAA buyers and sellers to our Relocation Specialists, producing reports, and serving as our liaison between relocation companies and agents. In addition, she assists the Relocation Director in several areas.

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