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The land for the future city of Easton was obtained from the Lenape Native American tribe by a Walking Purchase in 1737. The Lenape called that area “Lechauwitank,” meaning the place at the forks as Easton sits where the Lehigh and Delaware meet. European settlers came to the area in 1739. In 1751, Thomas Penn (son of William Penn) requested the Colonial governor to name the new city after his wife’s estate in England, Easton Neston. The city was founded in 1752 as the new county of Northampton existed. Easton played a significant role during the American Revolutionary War; it was the site of a military hospital, the starting point of the campaign against the British Indian allies, and one of three places where the Declaration of Independence was read to the public. During the 19th century, Easton was a busy transportation hub for canals and railroads.